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Information for Adults

We work with adults in both family and criminal courts. Our assessments provide courts and legal representatives with insight into your communication needs, along with recommendations as to how communication between you and the court can best be facilitated and supported.

If the assessment makes recommendations that the use of an Intermediary would be of assistance to you and the court, then our Intermediaries operate a court based service to ensure active participation in proceedings is achieved.

Our intermediaries have a duty to the court and we offer impartial advice and support to legal representatives and the court to assist them in communicating with you and allow you to engage fully with the legal proceedings.

What is an Intermediary Assessment?

This assessment is completed for the court to understand how we can best support you to communicate effectively with the Court or your Legal Representatives / team. We want to make sure that your views and wishes are heard and understood in court and make sure you can participate in the process.

What will my Intermediary do for me?

Your Intermediary is a communication specialist who helps the court and legal representative communicate with you in a way you understand.

Things you need to know about your Intermediary:

  • We can make recommendations about ‘Special Measures’ such as screens, emotion cards and calendars to support you to understand.
  • We can help you communicate your questions and answers to your Barrister, Solicitor or the Judge, but we cannot influence the court on the decisions they make.
  • We can support you to talk to your legal representative, but we cannot give you legal advice.
  • We are there to support you, but we need to tell the court if we know you’ve not told the truth when giving evidence. We cannot keep secrets.
  • We can help you understand the meaning of what’s being said in court, but we cannot help you answer the questions you may be asked in court.

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